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Paxton DigiWhat Are Paxton Access Control Security Systems and For Whom Are They Suitable?

Paxton Access Control Systems act as a standalone solution where all control electronics are inside the keypad or card access control reader. Compact Paxton Access Control Systems are easy-to-administer and they are a cost-effective means of controlling access to a building. However, the control electronics are all housed in the reader or keypad. Therefore, this type of system is not recommended for exterior or high-security interior doors. Compact systems are available in a choice of TOUCHLOCK keypads, PROXIMITY readers or CARDLOCK (magstripe) readers.

Access is gained by using a code or PIN with a keypad, or by a swipe card access system. We provide a simple token management solution with our token packs. This, in turn, makes administration straightforward.

Key Features

  • 10,000 users (PROXIMITY & CARDLOCK)
  • Up to 50 codes (TOUCHLOCK)
  • Simple token management
  • Scaleable; systems can be added to easily
  • Available as PROXIMITY, magstripe (CARDLOCK) or keypads (TOUCHLOCK)

Typical Applications

  • Small business premises
  • Sports clubs
  • Storage units
  • Any low-risk, internal door apartment complexes

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